Goal Setting For Your Health in 10 Steps

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Goal Setting For Your Health, 10 Steps To Succeeded 

l Get specific. Make it clear exactly what you plan to do. 2 Be realistic. Realistic means achievable. 3 Challenge yourself. Make yourself work for it. 4 Set long- and short-term goals. Short-term goals should lead your long-term goal. 5 Write your goals down. Remind yourself where you’re headed. 6 Develop goal-achievement strategies. Use tools to aid your progress. 7 Consider your personality. Tailor everything to your needs, ability level and interests. 8 Develop commitment. Stick to it in good times and bad. 9 Gather support. Surround yourself with enthusiastic, supportive people. l0 Evaluate your progress. Constant evaluation keeps setbacks in perspective

. The unexpected is to be expected -- and adjustments made in response.